Fysical (FYS)

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Fysical is a protocol for the next data frontier, the physical world. With an initial focus on human location data, Fysical provides the decentralized infrastructure for the next generation of big data: what stores you visit, where you travel, and how you move through the physical world.


Hard cap:
21,176 ETH
Restricted areas:
USA, China



Ben Smith - CEO at Fysical Labs

Justin Mann - COO at Fysical Labs

John Foley - CTO at Fysical Labs

Rich Garfield - Software Architect at Fysical Labs

Adrian Miguel - Engineer at Fysical Labs

Vinny Squillace - Community at Fysical

Molly Sobba - Community at Fysical

Mark Schinkel - Community at Fysical

Mike Baker - Advisor at Fysical - CEO at DataXu - Founder,

Josh Weiss - Advisor at Fysical - CEO at Nauticus Networks - Member Launchpad Venture Group

Lester Lim - Advisor at Fysical - Advisor for HybridBlock, Dock.io, Coinfi, Ink Protocol, Banca, Selfkey

Tyson Trautmann - Advisor at Fysical - Infrastructure Lead at Riot Games - Partner at Blacktop Capital

Tom Howard Advisor at Fysical - Advisor at CoinFi - Founder at Block Republic - Tom Howard

Rob Behnke ‍ - Advisor at Fysical - Founder at Token Agency

Fysical News

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