Freed (FREED)

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The FREED project is a public shared economy platform for efficient utilization of computing resources by non-monetary motivation of resource owners. Bitcoin mining uses up more power than 159 countries in the world 1. The computing power of Bitcoin network is 14 million TeraHashes per second, for Ethereum 150,000 GigaHashes 2 that means an equivalent of 5 million 1080 Ti cards. The total amount of computers involved in supporting blockchain transactions is calculated in the tens of millions. The Bitcoin network alone generates 1800 Bitcoins per day 3, that’s about $30 million per day and 10 billion per year. Even if a blockchain project does not use mining it has to support the infrastructure.





Kenes Shangereev - CEO

Eugeny Glariantov - General Producer

Stepan Karapetyan - Head of Asian Markets

Dmitry Molokanov - COO

Sabir Asadullaev - CTO

Pavel Vardiev - Chief Technical Manager

Dmitry Plotnikov - Head of R&D Team

Svetlana Sonina - Chief of the Development Platform

Angela Khon - Chief of Marketing

Konstantin Melnikov - Senior Marketing Manager

Dmitry Gladilin - Team Lead & Technical Architect

Albert Haliulov - Project Architect

Liliya Shahova - Project Manager

Pavel Peliukh - Chief QA

Ivan Sherstyanikov - Developer

Vladimir Savchenko - Back-end Developer

Denis Romakhov - Lead Developer

Kumar Venkata Santosh - Developer

Sreeragh Kochathodi - Developer

Shathish Annamalai - Developer

Maksim Shishkin - Front-end Developer

Olga Kruglova - Business Development Manager

Andrey Ovsyannikov - Сonsultant

Askar Tuganbaev - Сonsultant

Jean Moses - Social Media Specialist

Divi Mano - Executive Secretary

Raja Sekhar - Game Developer

Maria Sofina - Assistant

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