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Token sale opening date:
31 Jul 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
10 Aug 2018 (2 years ago)
FOAM is an open protocol for proof of location on Ethereum. Our mission is to build a consensus driven map of the world, empowering a fully decentralized web3 economy with verifiable location data. FOAM incentivizes the infrastructure needed for privacy-preserving and fraud-proof location verification. The starting point for FOAM is static proof of location, where a community of Cartographers curate geographic Points of Interest on the FOAM map. Through global community-driven efforts, FOAM’s dynamic proof of location protocol will enable a permissionless and privacy-preserving network of radio beacons that is independent from external centralized sources and capable of providing secure location verification services.





Alyssa Wright

Matt Liston

Anna Kopp - Full Stack Engineer

Ben Weitzman - Full Stack Developer

Sam Hart - Sciencist

Enrico Zago - 3D Artist

Martin Allen - Senior Blockchain Engineer

Ilya Ostrovskiy - Protocol Engineer

Irakli Safareli - Front-End Engineer

Jens Krause - Senior Software Developer

Arthur Röing Baer - Creative Marketing Director

Brandon Goblirsch - Community Manager

Édouard Urcades - Product Designer

Ryan John King - CEO & Co-Founder

Kristoffer Josefsson - CTO & Co-Founder

Katya Zavyalova - CCO & Co-Founder


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