FlipNpik (FNP)

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Token sale opening date:
25 Sep 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
31 Dec 2018 (2 years ago)
FlipNpik is the first collaborative ecosystem that allows users to monetize their social media posts by supporting local businesses. Businesses on the platform benefit from increased visibility while users are finally remunerated for posting about their favorite local spots.


Restricted areas:
USA, Canada



Richard Marganne - President

Jessica Nguyen-Hoang - Director business development

Sébastien Fabbi - CMO

Artem Shatalov - UX/UI Designer

Ian Lin - CEO FlipNpik Asia

Nadira Hajjar - President (FlipNpik North America)

Xavier Harland - CFO (FlipNpik North America)

Geneviève Wiedmann Harland - Legal counsel (FlipNpik North America)

Jatin Dudhat - Web application developer

Paras Chodavadiya - Android Developer

Camille Fertel - PhD Economic Science Specialist in mathematical and algorithmic elaboration and modeling

Mathilde Marcy - Master in Business Analysis, Quantitative Methode works Specialist in mathematical and algorithmic elaboration and modeling

Elie Chatta - Business development agent in the Middle East and in North Africa

Naheda Hajjar - Marketing and sales agent in the Middle East and in North Africa

Samantha Damis - Event and customer relations coordinator (FlipNpik North America)

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