Extauri (TAURI)

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Extauri is Europe's legally compliant fiat and crypto financial platform for both users and operators. The platform is launched in Germany and Liechtenstein and approved by BaFin and FMA. Users will be able to trade utility and security coins and tokens as well as the exchange of cryptocurrencies into major fiat currencies. Above all Extauri can convert cryptocurrencies into traditional forms of investment such as stocks, funds or ETFs based on crypto and fiat. Extauri will allow it's users to hold their own private keys.


Hard cap:
27,000,000 EUR
Restricted areas:
USA, China



Tino Cabero - Co-Founder & CEO

Andreas Eckersperger - Co-Founder & CIO

Sabato Palladino - Co-Founder & CCO

Christian Schönberger - Software Development

Matthias Reckmeyer - Software Development

Kevin Eberwein - Software Development

Hubertus Halmburger - Product Manager

Stefanie Ehrhard - Head of Marketing

Michael Bröckl - Marketing

Joerg Kundt - Head of Operations

Monika Cabero - Head of Human Resources

Li Shi - Head of Strategy and Business Development Asia

Mares Askaryar - Lawyer

Adrian Graf - Founder and Managing Director of Krypto Management Consulting KMC GmbH

Hans Peter Halmburger - Auditor

Rainer Schaal - Member of the Board

Tobias Schröder - Chairman of Krypto AG

Patrick Martin - London based Tech Investment Banker

Marcus Schmitt - Founder and CEO of Copytrack

Dennis Weidner - Founder and CEO Paranoid Internet

Alex Nguyen - Former CTO of Zcoin

Christian Doberschütz - Founder of Coinleap

Florian Weber - Chairman of the securities trading bank

Matthias Langer - Tax consultant

Christoph Gassner - Management consultant

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