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Token sale opening date:
10 Oct 2019 (1 year ago)
Token sale closing date:
20 Dec 2019 (1 year ago)
ELAD Network is a Real Estate platform with a difference. By taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership any property can be divided into different sized chunks that provide investment opportunities from £50 to £50,000. There will be a monthly return on the profit which is directly relational to the size of the investment. Our mission is to cut the costs and improve the efficiency of Real Estate transactions giving everyone the opportunity to buy, sell and invest in property and gain access to the property ladder with a turnaround unseen until now. ELAD Network combines Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence technology to create a Cryptocurrency and a Real Estate platform that will give everyone access to the liquidity of the Real Estate the world’s largest asset class.


Restricted areas:
North & South Korea



Armit Parekh - Advisor

Dave Stow

Jackie Wang - Business Lead Advisor

Christian Dos Santos - ICO Project Evaluator

Dale Perkins McCook - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brennon Williams - Chief Technology Officer

Steve Craig - Chief Operational Officer

Callum Christie - Blockchain and Lead Developer

Damron Macleod - Tech Support/Developer

Billie-Jean Perkins - Property Sales and Management

Natasha Barnes - Marketing

Andrew Brown - Project Manager and Property Developer

Yasmine Ali - Social Media Officer

Frederico Arnaud Lacs - Blockchain Developer

Daniel Martins - Blockchain Developer

Bertrand Bayuga - ICO Marketer & Analyst

Jatin Madhra - Chief Marketing Officer

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