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Dispatch Labs (DIVVY)

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Dispatch is creating a new DLT platform for Dapp developers. A platform that’s truly scalable, insanely fast, and completely free of transaction fees. Gosh, it’s exciting.


Separate blockchain



Matt McGraw - Chief Executive Officer

Zane Witherspoon - Chief Technical Officer

Diane Blattner-Kresal - Chief of Staff

Ivan Goldensohn - Chief Ecosystem Officer

Patrik Wijkstrom - Chief Operating Officer

Zachary Fallon - Senior Legal Advisor

Shadan Azali - VP of Investor Relations

Jake Kuczeruk - Director Of Partnerships

Mark Streeter - Director of Asia Operations

Greg McGregor - Vice President of Engineering

Denis Molchanenko - Quality Assurance Director

Silas Thomas - Director of IT and Security Operations

Ben Dutro - Art Director

Karen Diaz - Blockchain Systems Operations Manager

Rich Stimbra - Minister of Culture

Amanda Borrelli - Marketing Assistant

Nicolae Carabut - Software Engineer

Christopher McGregor - Software Engineer

Dmitri Molchanenko - Quality Assurance Engineer

Rebecca Salisbury - Operations Manager

Bob Stevens - Software Engineer

Avery Hankins - Jr Software Developer

Kevin Eison - Chief Director at The Bureau

Ran Neu-Ner - Advisor

Will O’Brien - Advisor

Tim Siwula - Advisor

Andrew Segal - Advisor

Jake Vartanian - Advisor

Christian Yavorsky - Advisor

Paul Lambert - Advisor

Nicholas Judge - Advisor

Mathias Goldmann - Advisor

Simone Giacomelli - Advisor

Jordan Burton - Advisor

Austin Hyland - Advisor

Ted Moskovitz - Advisor

Benji Rabhan - Advisor

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