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Token sale opening date:
19 Jul 2019 (10 months ago)
Token sale closing date:
20 Sep 2019 (8 months ago)
DIPChain aims to facilitate all advantages which the blockchain implementation may give in the area of valuing and trading art as well as funding and investing in artists and artworks. 1,000,000,000 DIPC tokens will be supplied with 35% of tokens for sale in total: Presale Private sale, presale and public sale tokens are locked up by 80%, divided into 6-month average releases. Project team 15% of the DIPCs will be assigned to the project team and locked for 2 years. The DIPC test chain released 5% (50 million DIPCs) after release and the remaining quarters released 1.25% (12.5 million DIPCs). Foundation 15% of DIPCs will be allocated to Foundation Holders to promote community development, motivate outstanding young artists or teams, and reward consultants who are helpful to the DIPC project. The saved address of this part of the DIPC will be announced after the project is launched, and each reward will be announced in the DIPC community and voted by the Artists Committee. Ecological incentive 20% of DIPCs will be used as initial ecological incentive funds. The DIPC platform determines the reward elasticity coefficient based on activity and contribution evaluations to motivate participants in the ecosystem. Commercial promotion 15% of the DIPCs will be used for commercial promotion and operation of the project, for project commercial marketing, user operations, community building and other activities.


Restricted areas:
USA, China



Wang Pengfei - DIPChain FOUNDER

Jackie Hu - DIPChain Co-founder


Johnny Wang - DIPChain COO

Feng Xiaoyu - DIPChain CPO

Fimo Xu - DIPChain CMO

Gao Liang - DIPChain CBO

Vicente Quian - DIPChain Overseas COO

Sonia Liu - DIPChain Brand Director

Wang Shuai - DIPChain Community Operating Director

Li Pengxiu - DIPChain Media Director

Xie Meng - DIPChain Technical Engineer

Derek Zhang - DIPChain Chief Designer

Zhijian Qian - DIPChain Advisor

Daniel Arsham - DIPChain Advisor

Sonni Graffiti Artist - DIPChain Advisor

Bill Barminski - DIPChain Advisor

Mc Bess - DIPChain Advisor

Nychos - DIPChain Advisor

Marta Molina Gomez - DIPChain Advisor

Yilun Zhou - DIPChain Advisor

Futura - DIPChain Advisor

Zeng Yaojun - DIPChain CFO

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