Dentacoin (DCN)

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Token sale opening date:
01 Oct 2017 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
01 Nov 2017 (3 years ago)
Founded in March 2017, the Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation develops the first Blockchain solution for the global dental industry. Driven by a vast community of progressive dentists, software developers and marketing specialists, the Foundation has managed to create a new dental ecosystem which favours all industry stakeholders: patients, dentists, manufacturers, suppliers, labs, insurance companies. The core purpose of the Foundation is to improve long-term health, reduce costs and pain, and continuously support the growth in the value of the DCN currency. The currency Dentacoin (DCN) is an Ethereum-based “utility token” which is already being accepted as a means of payment by dental practices, shops, laboratories in 18 countries and can be easily exchanged to other crypto and fiat (USD, EUR, etc.) currencies. Every new participant in the community leads to increase of DCN value (“network effect”) - i.e. the more people use DCN, the higher its value grows in the long-term.





Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev - Founder

Philipp Grenzebach - Co-Founder / Business Developer

Jeremias Grenzebach - Co-Founder / Core Developer

Dr. Dimo Daskalov - Dental Industry Specialist

Dr. Ivan Peev - Dentistry 4.0 Specialist

Donika Kraeva - Marketing Manager

Ali Hashem - Key Account Manager

Miroslav Nedelchev - Web & dApp Developer

Alexander Atanasov - Web Developer

Simon Doser - Business Development Coordinator

Daniel Kolarov - Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer

Daria Kerancheva - Content Marketing & PR Expert

Petar Stoykov - Community & Social Media Manager

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