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Dash is digital cash you can spend anywhere. Use Dash to make instant, private payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.





Nathan Marley - Deputy CTO

Bradley Zastrow - Head of Business Development

Alexander Chopan - Head of Strategy

Kelly Kopp-Schuetz - Head of HR

Evan Duffield - Strategy Advisor

Perry Woodin - Advisor

Ryan Taylor - CEO

Holger Schinzel - Quality Assurance, Automation, Testing


Robert Wiecko - COO

Philipp Engelhorn - Press & Multitool

Glenn Austin - CFO

Bob Carroll - CTO

Omar Hamwi - Business Development NA

Ernesto Contreras - Business Development LatAm

Jon Kindel - Integrations Engineer

Andy Freer - Chief Architect

Tomasz Ludek - Android Developer

Alex Werner - DashPay Lead

Joshua Seigler - UX/UI Engineer

Alexander Block - Core Developer

Kamuela Franco - Evolution Backend Developer

Ivan Shumkov - DashDrive Developer

Anton Suprunchuk - Evolution Backend Developer

Sam Barbosa - Android Developer

Andrew Podkovyrin - iOS Developer

Denis Stepanov - Mobile Developer

Suba Radhakrishnan - UX/UI Engineer

Chris Adam - UX Designer

Dana Alibrandi - Product Owner

Kreshnik Alidema - Senior Software Engineer (React/React Native)

Robert Vadeboncoeur - Head of Global Talent

Michael Seitz - Marketing Manager

Leon White - Documentation & Wiki

Ivan Borovkov - Infrastructure Engineer

Balu - Project Manager

Janusz Piasecki - Project Manager

Brian Foster - Project Manager

Slawek - Support Engineer

Olga Gnezdyonova - Quality Assurance, Automation, Testing

Djavid Gabibiyan - Quality Assurance, Automation, Testing

Kira Bronskaia - Quality Assurance, Automation, Testing

Pablo Lema - Head of Service Desk

Elizabeth Robuck - Product Manager

Angelo Di Donato - Business Intelligence Manager

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