CyClean (CCL)

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Token sale opening date:
27 Jun 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
21 Aug 2018 (2 years ago)
CyClean is a project that promotes clean energy through a rental system of electric vehicles. It applies blockchain technology and smart contracts to encourage people to use electric vehicles, thus reducing the emission of toxic gases. Cyclean coin can be mined just by using CyClean products based on Meters or Watts. Traditional ways of mining coins are not sustainable to our nature. But we have implemented innovative way to connect environmental protection, block chain, electric vehicles, and peoples' desire to be rewarded. By using CYCLEAN product, one can mine coin just by using the product. For example, if a user rides CYCLEAN electric motorbikes, the user gets coin based on Meters traveled. This is possible because we upgrade good product with wireless network and server integration. We are mainly focused on stopping exhaust fumes with immediate motivation and effect. As we expand more, we replace more exhaust fumes. Join our clean cycle. Save yourself and earth, be rewarded.


Restricted areas:
USA, China, Singapore



Dae Young (David Young) Kim - Management

Bo-Gyoung, Kim - CTO

Byeong-Gil, Kim - Blockchain Engineer

Myung-Jun, Noh - Blockchain Engineer

Jae-Won, Lee - Graphic Designer

Kyung Mook, Cha - Full Stack Developer

Tae-Kwan, Yoon - Web Developer

Hose Nam - Strategy Planner

Marthyn Ting - Advisor- Global Market & Business

Changhee Kwon - Advisor

Yeonsoo Choo - Advisor

Nikolay Zvezdin - Advisor-Investor Relation

Kent Kim - Advisor-PR

Jin Hyo Kim - Advisor-R&D

Chris Abdey - Advisor-Crypto Market Expert

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