Cryptoindex (CIX100)

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Token sale opening date:
17 Oct 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
10 Mar 2019 (2 years ago)
Cryptoindex is an exciting new AI-powered platform built to, essentially, predict the next Bitcoin. It accomplishes this through the creation of a cryptocurrency market benchmark known as the Cryptoindex100, which utilizes a one-of-a-kind Zorax algorithm to create a fully-automated index — calculated from a plethora of data imports and sources. With Cryptoindex, each coin is constantly revalued via a feed of neural networks, removing human bias and emotion from the equation entirely.


Restricted areas:
Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, People’s Republic of China, Japan, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Lao PDR, North Korea, Syria, Uganda, United States, Vanuatu, and Yemen



Vijay Andrew Angelo - CEO

Lawrence D'Souza - Head of Analytics

Alex Goncharenko - Product Manager

Gemma Clapton - Client Relations

Sergey Shashev - CTO

Andre-Pier Buzdum - Project Manager

Stephan Kamentsev - Software Architect

Lana Ivina - Senior Mathematician

Austin Kimm - Co-Founder and Chief Operational Officer at Crypterium

James Davies - Managing Member at London Derivatives Exchange

Paddy Tan - Strategist, Asian Market

Gabriel Zanko - Blockchain Investor and Advisor. MobileyourLife, Founder

Dorothy (McKinley) Delahunt - Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Founder Member at London Derivatives Exchange Group

Sandy Broderick - IR Advisor

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