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Token sale opening date:
20 May 2019 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
27 May 2019 (2 years ago)
A token CRAD, issued by CryptoAds/CFC which was founded in 2012, listed top-40 crypto exchanges and using in two divisions (Tokenomics based an everyday growth external revenue from advertisers to buy back): CFC Wallet - app for iOS, Android, and telegram bot to hold, buy, and earn cryptocurrency with 8M+ userbase. CRAD used for micropayments and to reward users for advertising actions CFC Wallet is moving users from zero crypto knowledge to experienced traders. Initially, people get involved to earn money, and step by step they educated what is crypto, what is CRAD, and how to operate crypto money. Using telegram bot users can send zero fees micropayments in CRAD just by one command in telegram messenger. For businesses CFC Wallet help to grow and incentivize the telegram community, provide initial wallet offering, and massive airdrops without expensive blockchain fees. CryptoAds Marketplace - a platform for advertisers and publishers and, at the same time, marketing agency


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Andriy Mykhailyshyn - CTO

Oksana Tsibka - CFO

Dennis Gubsky - Android Developer

Denys Kunytskyi - Mobile SDK Engineer

Yuriy Chumak - Core Engineer

Oksana Tsibka

Dmitry Kuplevatsky

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