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Token sale opening date:
22 Mar 2019 (2 months ago)
Token sale closing date:
09 May 2019 (2 weeks ago)
CoVEX, the all in one digital trading platform, where traders can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, copy trade skills and compete with each other’s trades within their investment groups. In other words, Social/copy Trading, Margin trading, and Payment gateways will be running in a transparent, decentralized and trustless Blockchain. Our mission is to create all in one stop platform where we connect crypto traders, developers. merchant, tech enthusiastic and entrepreneurs. For the commitment, our platform is issuing its own coin, CoVEX Exchange, Social Trading/Copy Trading, Payment Gateway, Margin Trading and P2P Loan that are intently linked all crypto traders.


Restricted areas:
USA, China



Labu Ghimire - Co-Founder & COO

Junaid Nawaz - CTO & Lead Blockchain Developer

Denis Rogovski - Legal Counsel

Zohaib Qadir - CTO

Jyoti Adhikari - Full Stack Developer

Naveed Shahid - Blockchain & Business Analyst

Gull Chaudhary - Project Manager - Java, ASP .NET, PHP Developer

Luiz Gabriel Bongiolo - Business & Product Development Officer

Adhanom Kiflom - Business & Product Development Officer

Nicholas Sousa - Social Media Manager

Nathan Horn - CMO

Robbert Walstra - Advisor

Robert Stone - Advisor

Shane Rushent - Tech Advisor

Muhammad Amer - SEO Manager

Jitendra Rathod - Chief content Writer

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