Clash&GO (CGO)

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Token sale opening date:
12 Dec 2018 (6 months ago)
Token sale closing date:
12 Jan 2019 (5 months ago)
AR brings new and fresh experience, and dramatically changes the way we play mobile games. An ordinary walk in the park turns into a fierce struggle for survival and resources. Clash & GO offers a sophisticated yet easy-to-access fusion of genres, eliminating their down sides while blending familiar mechanics with top-notch technology.Dive into an infinite world of endless possibilities and rich AR gameplay. The fusion of Blockchain and AR enables players to transform and manipulate their virtual surroundings. Whenever you open Clash & Go, you don't know what surprises the dynamic, ever-changing world will bring.




Andriy Semenyuk - Founder

Bohdan Repekh - Executive Director

Alex Sakhnevych - CTO

Jalal Fattouh - CSO

Max Shash - CMO

Dmytro Tereschenko - Lead Game Designer

Olesia Stepanchuk - CRO

Iryna Sivach - CLO

Sergii Danilov - CFO

Kateryna Kozhyna - Art Director

Stanislav Novosad - Lead Developer

Artur Bohdanov - Senior Java Developer

Ihor Komar - Senior Java Developer

Ivan Lukashchuk - Senior Java Developer

Maria But'ko - Lead UX/UI Designer

Kostiantyn Fedchenko - Concept Artist

Dmytro Demkovych - 3D Artist/2D Artist

Yuliia Yermolaieva - 3D Artist

Dmitriy Anisimov - FX/Particle Artist

Serhii Tarasevych - 3D Artist

Alex Ryhluk - UI/UX Designer

Andrey Gilyov - QA Engineer

Ivan Lavrinenko - QA Engineer

Maryna Domina - HR Director

Romanas Ramanauskas

Michael Kim

Jens Kroeger

Morten Christensen

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