BitDegree (BDG)

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Token sale opening date:
01 Dec 2017 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
29 Dec 2017 (3 years ago)
BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. It is also a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs. Think about it as Coursera and HackerRank merged together, powered by decentralized blockchain technology.


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Andrius Putna - Co-founder, CEO

Balys Krikščiūnas - Head of Engineering

Roberto Santana - Product and Strategy Advisor, Product Management Lead at Coursera

Maurice De Hond - Steve JobsSchool Founder, Personalized Learning Advisor

James K. Scarborough - Stanford University PhD. Candidate, Gamification Advisor

Oleg Belousov - Crypto-economy advisor, founder of

Antanas Patašius - CTO

Donatas Abraitis - Lead Systems Engineer

Martynas Andriuškevičius - Smart Contract Developer

Ervinas Rimdeika - Legal

Rio Asatiani - CMO

Danielius Stasiulis - Co-founder, CBDO (BizDev)

Edgaras Lukosevicius - IT Architect

Aurimas Lapienė - Systems Engineer

Julija Sabaliauskaitė - Business Assistant

Šarūnė Šaulytė - Marketing Assistant

Dovilė Tarutytė - Product Designer

Skirmantas Juraška - Systems Architect - DevOps

Arnas Stuopelis - Co-founder in advisory capacity CEO - Hostinger

Ričardas Pocius - Technical advisor, Mysterium Network

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