Bezant (BZNT)

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The Bezant Blockchain is a Service platform providing Content developers and eCommerce merchants a disruptive way to sell to customers: Allow anyone to setup their own Content or eCommerce store and accept most major local payment methods, globally. The BZNT token will serve as the native cryptocurrency and medium of exchange within the Bezant platform which will eliminate expensive Store fees (30%) and provides instant P2P payments to merchants.


Hard cap:
40,000,000 USD
Restricted areas:
USA, China



Steve Tay - Foundation Representative Director

Daesik Kim - Chief Cryptocurrency Officer

Mark Yu - Chief Product Officer

Chan Joon Kim - CEO of Jehmi

Julian Migura - Chief Business Officer

Ray Cho - Chief Financial Officer

Ji Kim - VP, Corporate Operations

Keunil Wang - Chief Service Officer

Colin Lee - Chief Technology Officer

Jeyce Jung - Lead Developer

Noah Hwang - Product Manager

Jay Pang - Senior Software Architect

Kevin Park - Senior Developer

Lisa Shin - Senior Product Manager

Sally Mun - Senior Product Manager

Judy Song - Senior Developer

Leo Shin - Senior Developer

Jace Seo - Senior Developer

Ian Jeon - Senior Developer

Martin Bok - Developer

Kriss Kim - Developer

Aren Han - Developer

Tyler Kim - VP of Global Partnerships

Luke Shim - Head of Financing

SangYoung Park - Founder of Dayli Financial Group

KJ Eee - CEO of DAYLI Intelligence

JH Kim - CEO of theloop, Inc.

Shizuya Nakamoto - Director, Market Operations Asia Activision

James Hursthouse - Advisor

Jae-min Byun - CFA, CPA Advisor

Chris Suh - Advisor

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