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Token sale opening date:
02 Jun 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
31 Jul 2018 (2 years ago)
Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO. Asura World aims to unite the global eSport community by incentivizing users to simply be kind & helpful towards others. Asura World aims to provide in-depth game analyses to guide players through the intricate details of professional gameplay. This will include teaching professional decision-making processes, winning strategies, item-builds, skill-builds, situational advice, and so on. Asura Coins used within the ecosystem flow within it, fueling other parts of the ecosystem where necessary. Asura Coin holders can bet, stake, be rewarded, pay, and earn within the platform.


New Zealand
Restricted areas:
USA, China



Nathan Frater - Marketing Manager / Growth Strategist

Steven Ngov - Web Developer / Digital Specialist

Dang Tie Peng - Blockchain Developer

Kang Ji Hye - UI/UX Developer / eSport Content Creator

Huang Pan Ding - Betting Odds Statistician

Stuart Feigin

Nick Fujita

Richard MacDonald

Cecilia Xu

Taylor Liu

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