Alibabacoin (ABBC)

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Token sale opening date:
16 Mar 2018 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
03 Jul 2018 (2 years ago)
The Alibabacoin Foundation will allow users to shop online by using their ABBC wallet. Also, the system will permit the users to check and avail all the details and facilities related to this crypto currency ABBC wallet e.g. user can able to send receive, shop online, exchanging of Alibabacoin with best crypto exchange platforms in the world. Furthermore, the goal is to provide users with an easy, secure and advance technology approach for all aspects related crypto currency. Alibabacoin Foundation’s token outstanding performance is driven by its differentiation from other cryptocoins. Alibabacoin Foundation development team’s facial recognition technology is secure from personal information leakage and it allows to distinguish the owner immediately using the collected information.


United Arab Emirates



Jason Daniel Paul Philip - Founder & CEO

Hassan Abbas - Co-founder & CTO

Umer Farooq - Lead Developer

Ammad Nazir - Developer

Zeeshan Butt - Developer

Awais Sakhi - Developer

Suresh Kanan - Developer

Ron Lim - Developer

Hazel Atienza - Developer

Mai Abdedlmoneim - Developer

Nadine Mohamed Salah - Developer

Sridhar Raja - Developer

Sabeel Ahmed - Developer

Haris Majeed - Developer

Himed Khan - Developer

Maham Tariq - Developer

Ammad Nazir - Developer

Jene Claude - Lead IOS Developer

Sajid Ali - IOS Developer

Faheem Lmitiaz - IOS Developer

Mariz Leira - IOS Developer

Zeeshan Ahmed - IOS Developer

Sajid Ali - IOS Developer

Umer Abbas - Finance Manager

Feruza Azimova - Finance Adviser

Zoia Shirobokova - Finance Adviser

Amar Nath - Finance Adviser

Qiuqing - Finance Adviser

Lemuel M. Capisinio - Marketing Specialist

Imran Rathor - Senior Marketing Manager

Christine - Marketing Specialist

Maya Ahmed - Marketing Specialist

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