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Alchemint is a hybrid-model decentralized stablecoin issuing platform based on NEO blockchain. It enables any individual or institution to issue stablecoins by collateralizing assets through smart contracts and cross-chain technology. Stablecoin has all the excellent features of the cryptocurrency while maintaining the price stability. The holders can conveniently send it to others or use it as a payment means for goods and services. Stablecoin is an essential medium for trading digital assets in exchanges.





Zhang Ting - CEO & Founder

Qi Feng - CTO & Co-founder

Zhang Wei - Product Director Master of Economics

Steel Chen - Core Development Engineer

Lei Geng - Core Development Engineer

Joe Wu - Core Development Engineer

Musk Zhou - Product Manager

Cheng Maoyong - Business Manager

Harvey Xu - Business Manager

John Rawls - Operation Manager

Neowo Xu - Operation Manager

Stephen Hu - Community Manager

Wendell Maclean - Creative Director

Jonathan Quali - Leader of Alchemint Europe Communities

Yoon Jae Chung - Leader of Alchemint Korea Communities

Sun Ming - Advisor

Wang Yanming - Advisor

Chen Yu - Advisor

Pauline Xu - Advisor

Liu Ming - Advisor

Cindy Fang - Advisor

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