AirToken (AIR)

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Token sale opening date:
19 Sep 2017 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
19 Oct 2017 (3 years ago)
AirFox’s vision is to make the mobile internet more affordable and accessible and the biggest limitation for our customers is access to capital. AirFox is positioned to create mobile capital for advertisers, users, and carriers using the blockchain. AirFox uses advertising and micro-loans on the blockchain to unlock unrealized mobile capital through a new cryptocurrency - The AirToken (“AIR”). AIR technology harnesses the decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain using a digital ledger of the user’s mobile phone data as well as advertising and proprietary “credit-score” algorithms to reward​ ​and finance​ ​users with AIR. AIR are redeemable for mobile data, and, eventually, physical and digital goods. AIR monetizes the user’s smartphone by rewarding and financing the user for attention and good behavior while expanding the pie for the entire ecosystem that wants to further maximize on this audience (carriers, publishers, and advertisers).





Victor Santos - Co-Founder, CEO

Sara Choi - Co-Founder

James Seibel - CTO

Emanuel Moecklin - Chief Software Architect

Christine To - Director of Business Operations

Tiago Passinato - Principal Software Engineer

Jennifer Lum - Co-Founder @ Forge.Ai and Co-Founder @ Adelphic Mobile

Semyon Dukach - Managing Partner @ One Way Ventures

Warren Katz - President @ Neurala

Amy Spurling - Ex- COO & CFO @ Jana

Wan Li Zhu - Principal @ Fairhaven VC

Steven Lee - Previously CTO @ Tremor Video and Co-Founder ScanScout

Ben Perry - SVP of Monetization @ MocoSpace

Dennis Petersen - Technical Blockchain Expert @ FunFare

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