Airswap (AST)

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Token sale opening date:
10 Oct 2017 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
11 Oct 2017 (3 years ago)
We present a peer-to-peer methodology for trading ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. First, we outline the limitations of blockchain order books and offer a strong alternative in peer-to-peer token trading: off-chain negotiation and on-chain settlement. We then describe a protocol through which parties are able to signal to others their intent to trade tokens. Once connected, counterparties freely communicate prices and transmit orders among themselves. During this process, parties may request prices from an independent third party oracle to verify accuracy. Finally, we present an Ethereum smart contract to fill orders on the Ethereum blockchain.


Hong Kong



Michael Oved - Co-Founder

Don Mosites - Co-Founder

Deepa Sathaye - Engineer

Sam Tabar - Strategy

Adam Link - Engineer

Sam Walker - Engineer

Stamford Hwang - Operator

Maggie Hsu - Business Development

Richard Slenker - Business Development

Anish Aggarwal - Engineer

Calvin Chan - Engineer

Natalia Maldonado - Operations

Rob Paone - Advisory

Maxime Bucaille - Analyst

Jacqueline Schneider - Writer

Khurram Dara - Legal

Graham Perich - Engineer

Krzysztof Woś - Engineer

Bill Tai - Advisor

Joseph Lubin - Advisor

Michael Novogratz - Advisor

Prof. Mina Teicher - Advisor

Consul General Clifford Hart - Advisor

Erika Karp - Advisor

Satoshi Kobayashi - Advisor

Phil Daian - Advisor

George Mueller - Advisor

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