Aircraft (AIRT)

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Token sale opening date:
22 Oct 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
09 Dec 2018 (2 years ago)
Aircraft is a blockchain based eco-system, the main mission is to expand the boundaries of cryptocurrency influence in the whole world and to ensure the availability of cryptocurrency payments. Our network is an association of high-quality specialists and companies in tourism industry. This union represents the worldwide professionals who set as primary aim to make the use of the cryptocurrency in the tourism field affordable, as well as to provide a higher level of security and quality of services in travel. Unique platform allows to pay with more than 30 currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Special AIRT token opens doors to the world of discounts and special offers to its holders! Aircraft Network is designed to solve such financial and tourism problems as fraud, charge-back, overbooking, reservation mistakes and low quality of services provided.


Restricted areas:
Iran, North Korea



Hiroshi Watanabe - Finance Director

Jeffry Moon - Developer

Suzi Heltzberger - HR-specialist

Amanda Stoun - PR-specialist

Johannes Heesters - Developer

Pac Gi Mun - Developer

Ling Ze Min Backend - Developer

Ismail Mohamed - PR-manager

Farhad Mehrad - HR-manager

Akira Oota - Marketing

Alfred Morales - Front-end Developer

Giorgio Ferreira - Designer

Jonas Steur - Developer

Lee Hermanes - Developer

Charlie Maxwell Risks - Risks

Summer Jones - Finance Advisor

Alexsander Adamini

Andrew Gusev - Cross-platform Advisor

Marcus Taylor - Blockchain Advisor

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