Technical Analysis and Market Entry: DASH/USDT Subject To A Bearish Breakout

Dash 1 1

The DASH price has entered into a cooling period, following a significant bull run that commenced at the start of the month. DASH/USDT was trading down at depressed levels of $40, right at the beginning of the year. It came following a heavy beating in the price from the second half of 2019, after initially starting the year strong.DASH/USDT bears drove the price from heights of $188 in June, down to $38 in December 2019. It was a significant drop of some 80%, a very punishing bear market, which was observed across the industry. The levels that the price was driven to were the lowest since March 2017. It was a time when DASH was somewhat still well and truly within its infancy.In the last DASH article, we noted the upside targets of; $70.00, $80.00 and $85.00, which the bulls successfully achieved. The price was aggressively driven higher than these…

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