Coinbase Explores Support for 8 Altcoins, Including Ontology, Waves, Dash

Altcoins 1

Coinbase announced it would be exploring support for 8 new altcoins on Monday. Up for consideration are a varied selection of cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Ontology, Waves and more.As per Monday night’s blog post by the global cryptocurrency exchange, 8 new altcoins are being considered for a listing. From the blog:“Today we’re announcing that we are exploring the addition of a range of new assets… These new assets include, in alphabetical order: Algorand, Cosmos, Dash, Decred, Matic, Harmony, Ontology, and Waves.”As always, state and national regulatory laws will have a say in which areas are exposed to the new listees first. Coinbase notes:“Our decision to support any asset requires significant technical and compliance review and may be subject to regulatory approval in some jurisdictions. We therefore cannot guarantee whether or when any above-listed asset will be listed on a Coinbase product in any jurisdiction.”Of particular interest is the huge variety between…

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