Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event

Bali, Indonesia

The Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event is a three-day event in September of 2019, the world’s most powerful networking event for cryptocurrency masterminds. It is a chance for your project to stand out among the crowd and be seen 1 on 1 by the exact important decision-makers outside your field of business, that you spend your energy chasing every day.

In this mastermind event, we will gather the world’s most important and influential people from within the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to create the largest, and most influential networking event that crypto has ever seen.

The purpose is to let founders and leaders of quality projects and companies gather and gain valuable networking bonds, create new partnerships and to educate each other on a brighter future, together.

In this event, we will gather cryptocurrency masterminds including founders from coin projects, coin exchanges, companies who work with crypto, crypto influencers, cryptocurrency media sites, capital investment firms, crypto podcasts, cryptocurrency advisors, speakers and more.

At the event, there will be keynotes, debates, speeches, networking workshops, pop-up workspaces, partnership dealmaking rooms, and our very own Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Awards.

A ticket includes access to the event, as well as access to accommodation. All attendees will be provided with food, and drinks throughout the three-day event, but transport to and from the destination and accommodation will not be covered by Altcoin Magazine.

There will only ever be sold 140 tickets for this year’s event, so to get your spot, make sure to grab one of our early bird offers here.

Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Awards

At the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event, we will find 8 nominees for the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Awards. With this award, we seek to reward and credit the most influential and innovative projects or companies in crypto. Only attendees are eligible to be nominees for the award.

Attendee requirements:

  • Teams must have personally discussed their attendance with Altcoin Magazine before purchasing their “seat”.
  • Teams must show up with a total of two attendees. The attending team should consist of at least one founder of the attending project/company as well as one other team member of their choice, which for example could be a PR person or even another co-founder if they so desire.
  • VIP teams must show up with a total of three attendees, with at least one being a founder.
  • Teams must show up well prepared. Make sure to bring your business cards, and make sure you are well suited to sign new partnerships.
  • Teams who offer a service must prepare an exclusive offer for attendees at the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event.
  • Name tags with logo of the attending project will be given to the attendees at arrival.
  • Only attendees with a valid ticket can attend the mastermind event. Make sure to bring ID for verification.
  • One ticket gives One team of two attendees access to the event (three, if VIP).
  • Again, before purchasing a ticket, please make sure that you have discussed your plans on attending with Altcoin Magazine, as we have the rights to deny eligibility for your project if we do not believe it is for the betterment of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pay the ticket price with cryptocurrencies?

  • Yes, you can. Please contact us.

When will the event program be released?

  • We aim to release an event program mid-2019, but you can expect an interesting and exciting program with lots of news being spread from time to time.

When will the list of attendees be released?

  • The list of attendees will be updated regularly, starting from December 2018.
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