XRP’s Price Could Keep Falling as Holders Decrease

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In brief: A new report by eToro and The Tie shows that the number of Twitter users discussing XRP has fallen drastically. The report also indicates that members of the XRP army have continued to decline since January 2018. The new stats could indicate a continuous trend of capitulation by XRP investors. Times have drastically changed for XRP since the exciting days of late 2017 and early 2018. Back then, XRP was also known as Ripple and the company had yet to issue a statement explaining that the two were different entities. Additionally, XRP was trading at a premium of $3.84 due to the prospects of being listed on Coinbase in early 2018. However, this did not materialize until later. This was due to the uncertainty as to whether XRP was a security or not. In February 2019, XRP was finally listed on Coinbase at a time when it was…

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