XRP Now Accepted by Hotel Booking Platform “Travala.com”

Ripple’s XRP continues to expand as a cryptocurrency for all types of users, proving that it can be beneficial for players beyond the traditional clients within the financial system. In a strategic decision, Travala, one of the most important hotel bookings platforms in the crypto ecosystem added official support for XRP as a payment option. The platform, known to many as the Expedia or Airbnb of crypto, recently expanded its catalog of offerings to more than 550,000 properties available for booking in more than 210 cities around the world: Travala will add 400K properties in December This will be the first of a series of posts digging a little deeper into the features and updates for the new release. #travel #hotels #blockchain $neo $AVAhttps://t.co/afi1YsORkW — Travala.com (@travalacom) November 26, 2018 Travala: Using Crypto to Build a Successful Business With this announcement, XRP becomes the last cryptocurrency to be listed by…

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