XMR Surges 9% Despite Disclosure of Brutal, Patched Monero Bug

jantine doornbos HvYy5SEefC8 unsplash 768x512

Developers Unveil Massive Monero Bug Revealed on July 3rd by developers on HackerOne, Monero (XMR) was recently subject to a number of security vulnerabilities. One bug in question would have given attackers the ability to “create” XMR that didn’t really exist on the blockchain. If used correctly, this exploit would have allowed the hacker to credit his own exchange accounts with XMR, trade said credit for “actual” cryptocurrency, then withdraw the asset, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or otherwise, from the victimized exchange. The developer that discovered this bug has been paid around $4,000 worth of XMR for the discovery of the potential exploit. Interestingly, this glitch is very similar to one disclosed last year, which actually affected an exchange listing crypto assets based on Monero’s code. As reported by Ethereum World News previously, a lesser-known exchange named Altex revealed that “every CryptoNote-based coin” it had listed was under pressure from…

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