Why Top Bitcoin Bulls Think Price Will Explode Over 1,000% Higher

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The recent volatility in the cryptocurrency markets hasn’t done much to fend off Bitcoin bulls. In fact, in two recent interviews with mainstream media, two of the industry’s most powerful executives and investors separately confirmed that they think the price of BTC will surpass $100,000 in the coming years. As crazy as they may sound in saying this, they backed their lofty predictions by citing a convergence of fundamental factors that could dramatically boost demand for Bitcoin. Tron’s CEO Thinks Bitcoin Will Rally to Six Digits By 2025 As the cryptocurrency market has increased over the past few weeks, so too has the coverage of this nascent space. Indeed, last week, CNN “First Move” anchor Julia Chatterley, who has been covering cryptocurrency for months now, called on Tron’s CEO Justin Sun to join her on the show. An introduction to @Tronfoundation network founder CEO @justinsuntron – we talk disrupting digital…

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