Why Staking Crypto such as TRX, KAVA and more is Gathering Steam

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In brief: The Coronavirus crash of mid-March has resulted in a lot of crypto traders being cautious. The dominance of stablecoins is proof that they are waiting for favorable crypto conditions to get back to trading. Staking crypto on the various exchanges has provided an alternative to trading and/or storing value in stablecoins. The Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto market crash of mid-March was one event that not too many traders believed would happen. The majority of Bitcoin enthusiasts believed that the hype surrounding the Bitcoin halving event would provide much-needed immunity for the crypto markets to survive a shake-out in the event of a possible stock market meltdown. However, the tense days of March proved that Bitcoin is highly correlated to the stock markets during times of turmoil. $8 Billion Locked up in Stablecoins As with all periods of unexpected volatility, traders and investors quickly hopped on stablecoins to safeguard…

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