Ripple (XRP) Bulls Awoke, MoneyTap to Use xRapid

Ripple XRP 2 768x404

MoneyTap, a mobile application using the RC Cloud 2.0 which implements xCurrent, will incorporate Ripple (XRP) when facilitating global payments. This is according to the latest SBI Group financial report. Uniquely, the mobile app has been at the fore for SBI Holdings, a leading financial services company based in Tokyo, Japan. Notably, MoneyTap allows its users to make instant domestic payments. Easing transaction settlement, a user only requires a bank account, QR code, or phone number to effect payment. According to Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO, SBI: “We have 25 participating banks, and 8 are API platform connected with Ripple. We want MoneyTap to accommodate international remittance, so we created a mechanism and it may contribute to xRapid using XRP.” Transition to xRapid Interestingly, MoneyTap has widespread support but presently use xCurrent. The option is one of Ripple’s core product that doesn’t leverage XRP. However, the shift from xCurrent to xRapid has…

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