Nick Szabo and The Winklevoss are More Bullish About Bitcoin than They Are About Gold

Nick Szabo at the Israel Bitcoin Summit Famous cryptographer, computer scientist, and crypto investor Nick Szabo once again defended the high potential of crypto coins as mechanisms of economic promotion in a recent debate in Tel Aviv, Israel. Speaking At the Israel Bitcoin Summit at Tel Aviv University on Jan. 8, Mr. Szabo explained that the use of cryptocurrencies will have a stabilizing and positive effect for countries facing economic sanctions and policies defeated by inflation, monetary devaluation, and incorrect planning decisions. Nick Szabo: Bitcoin Could be Better for Banks than Gold According to Szabo, traditional banks could use cryptocurrencies as mechanisms to supplement their monetary reserves in gold and other metals. He also pointed out that due to its characteristics, Bitcoin could be a more reliable solution for sanctioned countries since it would allow them to store value without having to resort to solutions that imply trust in third…

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