Monero’s (XMR) Inflation Rate Lower than Bitcoin’s

Monero (XMR), the leading privacy-focused crypto, has recorded another milestone by having a lower inflation rate than that of Bitcoin (BTC). Notably, Monero’s inflation reduces at a higher rate compared to that of Bitcoin due to the coin’s emission curve. In the past, the fall has been moving towards converging with that of Bitcoin but, after converging, Monero’s inflation rate is now lower than Bitcoin’s. As noted by a Redditor: “Monero’s inflation rate [has] dropped below that of BTC. Most altcoin “halvening” are hugely hyped, leading to volatility, pumps and crashes. Monero doesn’t get hyped like that because the emission rate drops smoothly with every block, making it less rough and disruptive for miners that otherwise suffer abrupt profitability changes. As a result, few think about how scarce it is, For example, LTC’s laving is being celebrated but it is still halving behind Bitcoin. There are fewer reminders that the…

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