Max Keiser: Bitcoin (BTC) Is The Currency Of Global Revolution

“Bitcoin is Currency Of Resistance” Max Keiser has long been a Bitcoin (BTC) bull, finding first about the cryptocurrency during its earliest blocks, if you will. And since then, the American broadcaster has incorporated his love for this nascent asset class onto his and his wife’s show hosted on RT, which has been fittingly named the “Keiser Report.” Recently, Keiser called on Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin Core developer and leading cryptocurrency educator, to sit down with him and talk about this budding technology. Song, an overt skeptic of altcoins (especially Bitcoin’s forks), happily agreed, claiming that he was a big fan of the Keiser Report and the host’s global outlook. Keiser noted that “when you talk about users (consumers) winning out over the monoliths — the corporations and plutocrats — I think that Bitcoin is the currency of resistance. The pro-crypto figure drew attention to the Yellow Vest (GIlet Jaune)…

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