IOTA Foundation Announces Ecosystem Platform and its Price Rockets Away

Clearly, the days of all-red are going away and appearing very rarely as a welcoming mid-week trading has taken over the market of cryptocurrencies. One of the top leading coins is standing high above others in gain for the last 24-hours as it rockets with 16.50 percent in the green – IOTA. Source: coinmarketcap Recently, there were many attempts by the pair MIOTA/USD to overcome the $2.10 or at least close successfully above $2.00 but with no success which eventually ended on the first day of May with a speedy dip. However, as fast as the price dropped, it climbed its way above and clear the important resistance at $2.00 opening gates for more gain in the upcoming days hopefully forming a higher trading ground. A very strong and confidence filling-up community with a very large share of trading happening on Bitfinex and Binance supports the project of IOTA. The…

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