Ethereum Classic (ETC) And UTrust Are Working On A ETC Payment Method, ETC Demand To Rise

For some time now since the market slumped, things haven’t quite looked up for Ethereum Classic in terms of market prices. ETC has been on a bearish move along with many other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. However, things might soon go north for ETC now that one of the fastest-expanding payment processors has set its gaze on the crypto. UTC And UTrust At last, ETC fans can have something to smile about as ETC’s development team comes together with UTrust’s team to develop a payment solution for the cryptocurrency. Granted, such a solution would ultimately lead to an increase in demand for ETC and quite possibly be a game-changer for its trading value. That, coupled with the fact that ETC was recently listed on Coinbase, makes for good news for the ETC market. It’s worth a mention that Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, and that…

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