EMX Exchange Halts Trading of USOIL-Perp After Crude Oil Crash

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In brief: Everyone was shocked when US Oil prices hit zero and global futures contracts fell hard into negative territory. Such an event had not been anticipated by the team at the EMX exchange. The team halted trading of its USOIL-Perp contract. Trading of the perpetual contract is yet to be reopened as the team decides on a way forward. Yesterday’s price movement of US Crude Oil shocked everyone. The majority of traders were confident that the price of the precious commodity would not break the various support zones that were last seen in the 1980s. However, the WTI Crude Oil chart went right through the decades’ strong support zones at $15, $12 and $9. The price per barrel went to zero as futures contracts went into negative territory as low as $-40. EMX Exchange Halts Trading of its USOIL-Perp Such a scenario of negative prices of US Oil futures…

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