Bloomberg: Hottest Crypto Tron (TRX) “Rekindles” Bitcoin Bubble Memories

Bloomberg Lauds Tron (TRX) As “Hottest Cryptocurrency” Since Tron (TRX) burst onto the broader crypto scene in 2017, the blockchain project of Chinese origins has quickly become an industry staple. In fact, the project, headed by Justin Sun, a millennial who is supposedly the protege of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, was recently deemed the “hottest cryptocurrency [project] by Bloomberg, arguably the most respected financial media outlet in existence. And this isn’t a baseless claim. Far from, in fact. In the aforementioned Bloomberg feature, Olga Kharif, one of the portal’s in-house crypto-centric reporters, broke down the project’s origins and outlook. Kharif quipped that Sun, 28, with his expertise from founding Peiwo (a Snapchat-esque app for China’s swelling mobile demographic), has rapidly built his brainchild from ‘nothing to something’. Sun’s short, yet meaningful stint at fintech upstart Ripple Labs likely played a role in his project’s monumental rise to fame too. Per…

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