Bitcoin is an Excellent Diversifier for Traders and Investors. Billionaire Hedge Fund CIO Says

Bitcoin is an “interesting technological experiment” that could have the best or the worst of the destinations. That is what Bill Miller, founder and chief information officer (CIO) at Miller Value Partners said in an interview with CNBC Bitcoin (BTC) Prediction? Anywhere from Zero to A Lot Miller Value Partners LLC was founded in 1999 and since its inception has provided financial services to clients with high-level investments. Its portfolio is diversified in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and technology with more than 119 positions. Miller began purchasing Bitcoin in 2014-2015 when each token was valued in the range of approximately $200-500. For the investor, cryptocurrencies are very interesting, he also recommends that before investing, anyone should learn more about this technology. Miller also explained that it could be a mistake to try to apply the same trading strategies of the traditional stock markets to the world of cryptocurrencies. For…

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