Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: To $400 or $70 Depends on BCH Price Reaction at $230 and $150

Latest Bitcoin Cash News Recently, a high ranking official with the Bank of International Settlement said Bitcoin is an “evil spawn of a crisis”. In yet another incident, the General Manager of the same bank, Agustín Carstens, said Bitcoin was masquerading as a currency and it was a Ponzi scheme, a bubble and an environmental disaster. Lambasts didn’t stop there, the Head of Research and Economic Adviser said “Bitcoin masquerades as a currency” and that transactions made on blockchains are not 100 percent valid. Read: 70% of Central Banks “Are Either Currently Working or Will Soon be Engaged in Work on CBDC.” BIS Report Says All these discrediting terms and the central bank of central banks formed to foster cooperation has a report showing that central banks are proceeding cautiously and at a proof of concept stage as they plan for central bank backed digital currencies. Every crypto enthusiast out…

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