Bitcoin (BTC) Falls 5% Amid Sudden Crypto Market Meltdown

Market Drops Drastically In 2019 First On Wednesday night, The Crypto Dog, a leading Bitcoin analyst, took to his Twitter page, which sports over 100,000 followers, to draw attention to the Ethereum/USD chart, noting that something might happen soon. The chart, which accentuated ETH’s wedge formation, indicated that a breakout (either up or down) was slated to happen. whatever gonna happen I think it might gonna happen soon — The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog) January 10, 2019 Just hours after his tweet, Ether, along with BTC and the rest of the cryptocurrency market (save for Tron’s TRX), began to plummet, basically out of nowhere. Crypto Dog subsequently took to his Twitter, writing “it did” in an evident nod to his previous post. At the time of writing, per data from Live Coin Watch, BTC is down 5.2%, with the asset currently finding a foothold at $3,850 a pop. This is…

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