XRP Targeted in Partial Payment Exploit

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Exchanges carrying XRP may have been hit with an exploit, affecting the Beaxy exchange most heavily. A day after the exchange halted the XRP/BTC pair, the nature of the exploit has been identified, and Beaxy promised it would roll back the trades.Beaxy identified the problem as a “partial payment exploit”, a possibility granted by the approach to integrating the XRP digital ledger with the exchange.Partial payments are natural to the XRP distributed ledger, as a mechanism for faster transactions. The exploit is well-known, and exchanges have been pre-warned to be aware of the integration with the XRP ledger:The Beaxy exchange is performing full KYC, so the operator is aware of the identities of the traders involved. In the past, the partial payment exploit has been used against small and obscure exchanges, seeking weaknesses in integration.While Beaxy may reverse the trades, there are indicators that the exploiters managed to move BTC…

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