Where Are the Coins? Projects that Still Keep Tokens Locked

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Remember the Filecoin (FIL) project? Coming along projects like Maidsafe (MAID), Storj (STORJ), and Siacoin (SC), the project promised to build a decentralized file-sharing system. Currently, FIL trades only as futures, and has joined the list of tokens that have not yet materialized.The other notable token that is still missing is Telegram’s Gram (TON). Currently, the asset is only swapped as futures on an informal market, and the Liquid exchange held a small-scale sale, but did not distribute any actual tokens.There are multiple other projects that are yet to release tokens, including the Polkadot ICO, which also suffered the locking of all its Ethereum (ETH). And the lack of an actual token is not limited to ICO projects. Venezuela’s government is yet to show the exact address of the Petro token, which it claims to be already issued and operational.The Marshall Islands are also lagging in issuing the Sovereign (SOV),…

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