Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Gives Hard No Answer to Supporting Libra

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Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has no intentions of signing up his company as a member of the Libra Association. He stated his hard refusal during a Twitter media event in New York, reported The Verge. He stated Libra was redundant, and he did not support Facebook’s idea to try out a cryptocurrency.Dorsey said that Facebook could have attempted to democratize the worldwide financial system, but using a cryptocurrency was not needed.Dorsey, however, expressed his support for genuine grass-roots movements that build truly decentralized networks. Twitter remains one of the busiest social media for the crypto community, and even offers Lightnin-network powered micropayments.The skeptical statements arrived just after an uncomfortable, question-laden hearing of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg before the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee and selected congressmen. Zuckerberg tried to present Libra as an opportunity to reach out to the unbanked, but was met with skepticism and calls for…

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