TrustToken Team Expands Stablecoin Portfolio with TrueGBP

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TrustToken, the creator of TrueUSD (TUSD), one of the leading stablecoins, expanded its portfolio with the TrueGBP asset. As with other stablecoins coming from this issuer, TrueGBP will be backed by fiat reserves with regular reviews by a third party. “We are excited to be launching TrueGBP to provide our users with access to one of the most traded currencies in the world,” said Rafael Cosman, co-founder of TrustToken. “With TrueUSD, we have built the bridge between the fiat and crypto world, without being tied to any one exchange. Our goal in launching TrueGBP is to fully utilize this bridge to reduce the friction within global financial markets, to seamlessly increase the speed and decrease the cost of transferring value across global borders.” The new asset will trade under the TGBP symbol. Backing by fiat will be achieved by storing British pounds in a US-based escrow account. The TrustToken team…

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