Tether (USDT) Plans Another BigTranche to Ethereum (ETH) Network

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Following the latest move of Tether, Inc., nearly half of all USDT supply will exist on the Ethereum network. Out of 4.087 billion coins in circulation, nearly 1.9 billion will move using the Ethereum protocol.https://twitter.com/Tether_to/status/1172031965090000896Tether has been relatively conservative with new coin printings, while the switch to the new network is still unfinished. The switch involves Tether’s own wallets and a series of coin burns, but major exchanges are also helping, by being some of the first to switch to the new type of USDT. Binance was the first exchange to move to the ETH-based USDT and offer withdrawals only in the new coin.The markets are closely watching the decisions of Tether, as the influence of USDT has proven capable of swaying most major coin prices within hours. In the case of BTC, USDT trading has ensured the possibility for thousand-dollar gains within a day.But switching to a new network…

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