Tether (USDT) Accelerates Switch to Ethereum Network

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A new wave is sweeping exchanges, as market operators are switching between the Omni-based version of Tether (USDT), and issuing Ethereum-based tokens. Binance became the first exchange to start the process which is essentially a token swap, as it had one of the biggest hauls of USDT. Bittrex has taken up the task next, as well as lesser exchanges: https://twitter.com/BittrexExchange/status/1158427033128620032Currently, Tether is on the way to switching all Omni coins, and the Ethereum network carries more than 1.55 billion coins. The total number of USDT has also grown in the past couple of days, to 4.039 billion tokens, once again coinciding with a strong upward drive in Bitcoin (BTC) prices. USDT tokens have spread throughout the crypto ecosystem and now exist also on the TRON, EOS, and Algorand networks, as well as the Liquid Network by Blockstream. https://twitter.com/sassal0x/status/1146237778075631616In the coming weeks, other exchanges may start switching to the new network,…

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