Siacoin (SC) Takes Decision to Brick Bitmain’s ASIC

Siacoin (SC) will change its mining algorithm, in effect bricking the ASIC produced by Bitmain and Innosilicon, as announced by project founder David Vorick in a recent blog post. For months, the Siacoin community was involved in sometimes heated discussions, especially on the subject of the ASIC-production operation of Vorick, the Obelisk series of miners for Siacoin and Decred. The argument against Obelisk was that it would make the project too centralized. However, Vorick believes the economy of ASIC competition has, in fact, centralized Siacoin mining with Innosilicon rigs, which produce around 37% of blocks. The decision to change the code to be compatible only with Obelisk - a series of rigs envisioned by Nebulous, the parent company of Siacoin - is aiming to offset the initial costs of production. A large part of the community has also paid upfront to reduce the influence of competing ASICs, which were launched…

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