Overstock’s tZero Opens Token Trading to Public on August 12

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Overstock, which launched the first functional security token exchange in the US, will open tZero to the wider public within days. The exchange will also trade the native tZero token, which ends its lockdown period within days.Based on a Coindesk report, the exchange will open with only two assets native to Overstock, the TZETOP token and the A-1 digital shares belonging to the online retailer. The move, despite popularizing digital securities while offering a fully transparent trading experience, shows that the market for security token offerings is still too small.Security token offerings briefly took over ICOs at the beginning of 2019, to solve the problem of considering tokens as unregistered securities. However, STOs were few and far between, and usually not open to retail investors. Even the tZero and Overstock STO is still under the investigation of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.The other problem for STOs was the need…

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